Kit Harington talks about keeping a big, big secret: Jon Snow isn't dead

"You know, you're not dead," Kit Harington recalls being told by the "Game of Thrones" creators when his character, Jon Snow, was killed in Season 5

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Anderson Cooper speaks with Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on "Game of Thrones." Below is a transcript.

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Anderson Cooper: Did you know when you read the script that you were gonna– gonna come back to life?

Kit Harington: No. And I remember, I walked onto set at the beginning of the season, we'd done– we'd shot quite a lot already, and I still didn't know whether I came back the next season.

Anderson Cooper: Really?

Kit Harington: And I walked onto this set, and David and Dan– it might even been that scene– I can't remember, but they tapped me on the shoulder and they said, "Can we have a– can we have a word?" And we walked out those– those gates, and they took me around the corner and they kind of checked over their shoulders. And they said– "You know, you– you're not dead. You're gonna come back (LAUGHTER) to life next season." And I was– I kind of whooped and said, "You know I'm mic-ed, right?"

Anderson Cooper: Yeah. (LAUGHTER) Really? You said that to them?

Kit Harington: So it was just us and the sound guys–

Anderson Cooper: Uh-huh (AFFIRM)–

Kit Harington: –who knew. (LAUGHTER)

Anderson Cooper: I assume that was a relief?

Kit Harington: Yeah, of course.

Kit Harington: I sort of assumed– everyone– I– I remember everyone– because I read the script and was like, "Oh, God, okay. So you're going. That's g– you're gone. Oh, that's"– you know, and– and a lot of people like, "Nah, you're not dead. They'll find–" and I had to assume in my sort of pessimistic way– I had to go, "Well, you know, they killed Sean. They killed Richard." Like, I mean–

Anderson Cooper: It's a lot of dead people–

Kit Harington: I think it's– I think it's my time. (LAUGHTER)

Anderson Cooper: When you were killed, from that episode to when you were brought back to life. Was it difficult, sort of keeping that a secret for a year?

Kit Harington: I thought I was gonna look forward to it, 'cause I– I kinda thought it'd be a challenge. And it was a (LAUGH) challenge. I really didn't like it.

Anderson Cooper: Really?

Kit Harington: I didn't– I didn't like it. I–

Anderson Cooper: Why, 'cause everyone was talk– asking you about it? Or–

Kit Harington: Yeah, 'cause the way I feel about it is the show– the show became this h– this huge hit. And it– it had a lot of attention around it. And that– at that point– you know, end of season five, it got– it got global. And– what I felt was, I think that a lot of the pressure of the show's– magnitude and size is shared by a lot of the cast. But for that period, I was– the spotlight went onto me fully, because I was the cliffhanger, because I was the thing that people wanted to know. And I felt the whole– weight of that pressure of the show onto me. And it really– I didn't– I didn't like that.

Kit Harington: So, actually I was– it was hugely relieved when we finally– revealed that I came back to life. It– it almost felt like kind of breathing fresh air, myself. I was like, "I'm out of that, thank God."

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